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A landmark experience to be cherished for lifetime, the Palace on Wheels commences to chug along at the Delhi Safdarjung Railway Station. Attendants in azure blue uniform welcome you onboard with bright smiles. Check below the Palace on Wheels route-destinations covered.
The first palace on wheels destination will be Jaipur. At a glance, this pink capital of the desert sea Rajasthan, Jaipur, is chaotic, bustling and congested. You wonder where the much-heard rural charm is. Yet a bit of deep digging unveils the charm beneath the pink that is engulfed everywhere. Awe-inspiring fortresses and majestic palaces top the hills that run across this City of Victory.

One of the first planned as well as walled cities in India that dates back to the 18th centuries, Jaipur is the archway to Rajasthan. It is the result of the vision of Maharaja Jai Singh and the city evolves its name from the king itself. Sun rays shower over the sea of bright turbans and boisterous markets trying to tempt you with silver, mirror-worked fabrics, glitzy artifacts and craftworks. A shopaholic’s paradise, this is the right place to bring your haggling skills to perfection.

Travelers vie to stay at the mansion-turned old worldly hotels strewn across the heart of the city. Pass the Hawa Mahal and the Nahargarh Fort, some of the iconic edifices of the city, and enhance the experience with a camel safari. It is a treat to walk around the gridded lanes in the evening as crimson rays wash over the entire city. Though touts and begging children surround you to the point of annoyance, it is all part of the experience. Jaipur may be clammy, but its sophistication is there to stay, ready to enrich and entertain tourists with its unique parables.
Sawai Madhopur (Ranthambore)
Second destination on the list will be Sawai Madhopur. Flagitious but spectacular, Sawai Madhopur renowned for the Ranthambore National Park was once a playground for valorous princes who used to match their wits and strength against the regal tigers residing in the park. And here, where Aravalli reaches out to Vindhyas, tigers stroll freely because it is now a sanctuary where endangered tigers are cared for to increase its waning numbers.

It is an ultimate into the wild experience, rough and rocky all along with something unexpected at every corner. The thousand year old Ranthambore Fortress stands proud and haughty in the middle. Primordial shrines, mosques, cenotaphs and precarious lakes (namely Padam, Raj Bagh and Malik lakes). To catch glimpse of a tiger or two, you need luck as well. But the scenic beauty coupled with rare chirping birds itself sweeps you off your feet.
As train continues its royal journey, next stop will be the historical city of Chittorgarh. It is pretty unremarkable compared to its other soulful counter towns. But as it plays home to the greatest fort in Rajasthan, the Chittor Fort, it certainly deserves its place in the Palace on Wheels itinerary. As a former seat of Rajput administration, this town enacts the history channel live in front of you.

Fallen and raised three times, some of the most striking palaces manned by huge ornate gates and temples widen your eyes. But the stunning Jaya Stambha turns out to be the showstopper. Folklores of bravery and honor ooze out of the crevices of the crumbling walls. As of modern age, its marble factories are worth a stop.
As this luxurious wonder traverses further, you will be taken to Udaipur - the city of lakes. Besides, Udaipur also flaunts sobriquet like the ‘Venice of the east’. Whimsical and effulgent, Udaipur is one of the most captivating cities in India. While the marvelous Pichola Lake splashes against the pearly white structures, Aravalli hills protect the city daringly, making it both formidable and beautiful.

The floating Lake Palace, havelis and Jain shrines adorning the dreamy Udaipur you can just feel the whiff of princely aura with every passing breeze and the Monsoon Palace is a mark of architectural movement in India. The best time to catch the town is during the Shilp Gram Festival which traces the cultural journey of Udaipur.
Jaiselmer would be the next destination on the journey map. Valor, gallantry and honor, the men and women of Jaiselmer define these intriguing adjectives and compel the travelers to visit this fragmenting beauty and the utopia within. The moment you will step inside this golden tinged walled town, you will feel as though you are transported to medieval period. Not that, Jaiselmer is primitive; it is the endearing olden feel about the place that has a magical effect on tourists, especially if you are looking for a place as different as possible from the bustling and chaotic metros. It is quite jagged. But you will love the magic in golden sand.

With the Jaiselmer Fort, also known as the Golden Fort, crowned at the heart of the city, it is an irresistible destination for history buffs as well as heritage travelers.
The fabled Blue City with its indomitable spirit hewn with craggy cliffs, Jodhpur unfolds its magic the instant you enter in the city. The imperious Meherangarh Fort is the photographers’ pet, especially as the evening sun trickles over it. Jodhpur also earned the name, Sun City because of the same reason. Alive with never ending activities, you feel time slipping away fast as you walk around the Palace road and verdant gardens. Also, it has over 500 years of eventful history to share with visitors.

Unbelievable though it sounds, India’s fashion statement of baggy pants originated here. Pick up a few souvenirs from the street markets and choose your spices carefully. Opium, copper and sandalwoods speak aloud the blooming commercialism. But the land of Rathore clan is rather dirty as well, due to tourism seeping its claws.
Once a stronghold of the Jat clan, Bharatpur is home to the UNESCO World Heritage, Keoladeo Ghana National Reserve, which is a paradise for bird lovers.

Ornithologists or amateur birders across the world frequent here to catch sight of indigenous water birds and study them. Enjoy the colors and chirp in the lap of nature.
The last destination before returning back to Delhi would be Agra a wonderful city in the north Indian state - Uttar Pradesh. Nestled to the pristine banks of the river Yamuna, Agra undoubtedly is the most visited cities in the world. Its fame is solely for Taj Mahal, which has never ceased to amaze and inspire those who feast their eyes on it. A beacon of romance, beauty and eternal love, it is certainly larger than life. But Agra is not all about Taj Mahal though it deserves every ounce of attention it gets perhaps more.

The humungous legacy of the Mughal Empire certainly does not stop at the Taj. An enthralling range of mausoleums belonging to emperors like Babur, Shah Jahan and many more give a somber touch to the city. Window-shop, haggle or pick up marble trinkets from the market place. Evade the ceaseless touts and tour guides. Jump to the illustrious Fatehpur Sikri, an abandoned Mughal capital erected by Akbar which is well worth a stop.
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